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One of the leading companies in the field of import and export Is a newly arab origin, but in spite of that, they have a very strong base of customers And alongside this we excel management and team work, and is positioned to compete with larger companies in our field in this region, because we and simply have the methodology to track and trace the impact of human errors of workers of Arabs and foreigners alike, and is what is lacking in the majority of our competitors .. And confirms our partners always the need to actively pursue an environment where there are business rule, and here we commit ourselves to understanding the nature and language of this environment and mastery and to follow and emulate the methods and methodology of working in the region and ways of thinking scientific methods recognized in the world of management, and which is rarely competed in which any other company, but the manner we have not only never to this, but requires the use of management that build on the knowledge that scientists have recently called on behalf of the knowledge Based Management • Falcon activity started from a short period, and despite the short period she was able to adjust only the unity of God, then management and its team to move forward and progress and placement of the level of existing companies for many years, • the company has followed since that time in her latest administrative methods, which helped the company in planning for a total of successful business relationships in a very short period of time.