Import & Export

Falcon leader in the field of import and export between China and Egypt and the Arab world, and we look forward to establish more business cooperation with various Arab countries, we are also ready to help Arab companies to invest in China, this is available to the company falcon a huge base and distinct from the data, experience and internal and external relationships

Work hard to your service through all our dealings and our services, and to be at the same time able to compete to become the company of your choice so to be.

Since we are in constant evolution, you'll always notice the positive development resulting from our work to improve the quality of services to fit with the value paid and expand the size and scope of products and services offered to meet your needs to the fullest. God bless

With this in mind and in the scope of this introduction and in light of these developments, large commercial requires the company falcon for import and export have a foothold, Republic of China and take it upon themselves to deal with these changes the main and big challenges and provide a vision intellectually supported by practical measures and strategies for a strong output easy to implement in harmony with the requirements of the Egyptian market and international market and analyze the problems by preparing outstanding management of human energies to activate the human capital ..

Falcon offers its services to customers of merchants, businessmen and importers through its offices in China and Cairo, where we are in all of Shanghai's commercial capital of China and Chaosn largest city for the production of fabrics and furnishings in the world, and Iowa's largest market, global trade (7,000 Container export per day)